Where can I find Carmen’s Jewelry?
In addition to offering my Jewelry online and at select boutiques in Arizona, I also have occasional exhibitions. To learn more about them, check out my upcoming events.

Where is Your Jewelry Made?
The jewelry featured on this site was designed and proudly produced by Carmen de Novais in Arizona. Using the finest materials available and traditional time-tested beading techniques, the result is exquisite and durable. Our promise to you is the utmost quality in workmanship and materials. We are interested in the preservation of indigenous cultures and beaded art forms around the world.

Why Japanese Beads?
After working for many years with different plastic or Czech beads, I’ve settled into working exclusively with Japanese seed beads. Japanese glass beads are incredibly consistent in both size and color, and ideal for intricate beading and making fascinating and beautiful creations.

Can I Carry Your Jewelry in My Store?
Carmen Creations works with select retailers and jewelry outlets. For wholesale inquiries,
please contact us.