Carmen de Novais, founder and jewelry designer, started beading as a little girl in northeastern Brazil. Learning from her grandmother how to perforate and string seeds in the backyard, she delighted in making colorful, simple necklaces to wear and give to friends as gifts. Throughout her life, she has explored this traditional artform, constantly challenging herself to dream up new patterns, techniques and exciting color combinations.

About the Creations
The jewelry featured on this site was designed and handcrafted by Carmen de Novais using the finest materials available and traditional, time-tested beading techniques. The results are both exquisite and durable. My promise to you is the utmost quality in workmanship and materials.

The art of adornment is ancient and empowering to women of all ages and cultures.
Glass beads have been utilized for thousands of years as currency, gifts, works of art and symbols of high status. They are recorded throughout history as being created, traded, and worn as jewelry by the earliest civilized societies, from Egyptians to Romans, Vikings to Native Americans. Carmen Creations’ jewelry draws from ancient traditions to create modern works of wearable art.